Visual identity of an architecture
studio BUD CUD

Rebranding of the Krakow architecture studio BUD CUD run by Agata Woźniczka and Mateusz Adamczyk. The designed identity and website reflect the values and dynamism of the architects. The logotype has an open form and can be transformed and adapted to a given format. When scrolling the page, the logotype stretches following the mouse moves. This functionality of the logotype makes it possible to build a variety of animations.
Design elements: logotype, brand manual, office supplies, animations, web design, business cards with hotstamping on Gmund Wood paper
design: Magdalena Heliasz, Nicola Cholewa
web development: Michał Szota
print: Marceli

©Nicola Cholewa
    Świętojerska 5/7, 00-236 Warszawa